Thursday, November 24, 2011

i didnt end up boring.. i told before I was so boring and it does not make my day good as I wish..
and yeahhh it had end up when my friend called me asking for a bicycle riding around the campus and I quickly say yes...

unfortunately there still no notice of allowing us to borrow the bicycle..lastly we decided to go for a walk, brisk walk perhaps since the gym is quite full..and we had a great time walking to the lake..we listen to the music while walking and take some photo..=( photo cannot be uploaded..
we spend almost an hour walking and back to the college before dusk..

hope tomorrow is better than today..
I am ready for Physics, Chemistry and Biology Lecture tomorrow..
bye bye..

I have nothing to write

but...I feel like to write something on my blog..urgghh..I'm so boring..there nothing to do since I got no classes today as the class had been called off...

everyone is heading to class but me, I just laying on my bed thinking of what to do today..
then I have my bath and some breakfast and and there is nothing I could do to spend my boring time so i decided to do some chemistry tutorial and listen to the music to cheer my just for a moment..and i still end up boring..

without wasting no time, I dress simply and heading to the college office to registered..
later, I buy my lunch then back to my room..on the way back I met mimi(my classmate)..she told me that she's going to sunway..ohh how lovely I guest to go out from this jungle hurmm..but there is no want to accompanied me to go out for a window shopping..huh, actually me who didnt want, aimi had asked me whether I want to go or not..huh poor me...

after that I decided to call my mom, maybe talking to her would make my day and it really was at that time..

and now I end up reading my friends blog and writing on my blog and facebooking..

urghhh, maybe boring will hit me until night..
hope tomorrow is better than today..
I can't wait to finish my sem2..its better for me to study to fix my last semester pointer..
till now..bye bye

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New life for sem 2

Salam and Hello..

Just a quick chat as I suddenly feel like it...

So hows my life would be in sem 2?I think of this question when safely arrived in puncak alam last Sunday...Ohh i still in the homesick mood when I am alone, but I still can coop with a few of lectures that had started..but still i am not very happy with my new timetable..for some reasons i guest..

I hope this semester would be as good as before and even more good as before..
ready for getting 4 flat for this semester..FYI, my pointer last sem was i felt so jealous upon hearing my friends getting 4 flat and nearly to 4 flat..but still I thank Allah for giving me a good result and I hope those jealousy would guide me to work harder but smart in order to achieve 4 flat and fulfill my ambition of being a dentist..
is there still any opportunity for me of being a dentist?..hurm just work for it and pray to ALLAH...amin..may my dream come true..

thats all for now..byebye..
miss my family much..

Monday, November 14, 2011

good luck adik..

this entry is specially dedicated to my sister Nurnadia binti Mohd Sadek who is struggling for her SPM examinations..may you get 9 A+..
may Allah bless you


Thursday, November 10, 2011

update raya haji

paknjang aku.(abg ayah)

hai hai kepada my blog....sudah lama aku x pun xda apa nk cerita..cuma nk letak gambar kenangan raya haji aku yang ke 18...tahun ni aku raya haji kat rumah tok gayah..ada paknjang & maknjang..ateh & keluarga..makuda sekeluarga..mak ndak & pakndak..keluarga aku dan tok gayah la(tok aku)..raya kali ni x ramai yang balik..sekarang dah banyak sepupu-sepupu aku yang dah berkahwin so ada la yang balik ke keluarga yang sebelah lagi..semuakan dah besar,mesti la sibuk kat uni and tempat kerja so x ramai la yang x dapat balik beraya..kalau x, waktu aku kecil2 dulu rumah tok x cukup tempat nak tidur, sampai ada yang kena tidur di dapur (sepupu lelaki la selalunya) heee...walaupun x ramai tapi masih meriah lagi..best2...

  • pagi2 raya tu kami semua pergi sembahyang raya dekat masjid berhampiran dengan rumah tok..
  • balik sembahyang, pergi beraya ke rumah tok wa..makan laksa
  • balik rumah, tolong tengok2 ateh masak..

  • petang siap balik rumah abah (tok sebelah mak)
  • pagi raya kedua tengok orang korbankan lembu

  • periksa so x boleh la beraya lama2..
  • pagi raya ketiga sudah balik rumah..maklum la adik nk periksa SPM

Friday, October 14, 2011

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

im home..

hello hello hello..
finally im back...
x da la cuti seminggu ja macam semester break alomost 2 month ohhh..
eehh, sem break?ye la sem break la..dah habis dh pun part 1..sory la x cerita banyak pun kat cik blog..malas nk online lama2 kat sana..baik study hee..

hee..tu jelah..sekarang xda idea la..
baik main game zombie...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Life Here in Puncak Alam

here in Puncak Alam
R5402 A1
on bed
3:21 pm

kinda doing nothing..and i remembered of updating my blog and now at this moment I manage to update big hand for me since I had left this blog for about 1 and half month..

the story begin...

23 May 2011
registered as Puncak Alam student
been in Minggu Destini Siswa for about a week..
MDS not that bad but tiredness make me feel euwwww..

25 May 2011
mom and dad went back home..and i miss them so much..
tears went out and i could say nothing to stop it..

30 May 2011
lecture start..i start being busy but still i miss my mom and dad, home,teddy,barbie,adik

4 Jun 2011
mom, dad, adik, abah, tok came and visit me here...and i was very happy being around with my family..

6 Jun 2011
its MY BIRTHDAY...thank you for those who had wish it..and one more thing I got a birthday mate in my class..

13 Jun 2011
week quiz for mathematics, biology, physics
, chemistry..
marks for the quiz..
mathematics 7/10
biology 7/10

20 Jun 2011
week 4..still got quiz for biology and my marks is 10/10..what a wonderful biology..

25 Jun 2011..
it almost a month and i never went out of this UiTM Puncak Alam
so at 8.00 am i took a bus (U90) heading to Section 2 Shah Alam as my cousin house at section 7..i never used bus before so i didnt know were to st
op and a brilliant idea came i asked the driver bus to talk with KakWa were am i now and were must i stop at..
i felt like 'baru keluar dari kandang' after a month my stayed in Puncak Alam..
at Kakwa house acu is there..
that morning acu brought me and his family to i-city..acu treat me for a snow walk..really enjoy it much..
stay for a night at kakwa house..
kakwa gave me a bag..and i also received a wrist watc
h Miss Sixty from kak ya, a nike shoe..

3 July 2011
7.30 am..out for jogging with my housemate and aimi(classmate)
had our breakfast in McD..
9 July 2011
today i got a test..biology and physics..
i dont know what to comment about the quiz.hurmmm

wait for tomorrow..
this entry quite boring..
i still miss them..
cant wait for mid term break..

Saturday, April 30, 2011

my first interview..

how to start ea?
ouhh, at that time when i first look at the letter awww I was so speechless..



sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa tuan/puan telah dipilih untuk menghadiri
temu duga tersebut di atas. Butiran temuduga adalah seperti berikut:

TARIKH: 20.4.2011
MASA : 8.00 pagi

I never been invited for any interview before this..I was so happy and so as scared..scared of what I should do during interview, what to dress?, how to talk?, what I need to prepare? many things came across my mind and I keep thinking of what I should write in those 3 essay that they asked for..

I prepare for what I should write for the 3 essay..the question look simple but it seem difficult for me as I had stop writing seen I left SPM on 8 December 2010..

so here are the question..
1. Mengapa and memilih profession perguruan
2. Pengalaman anda berinteraksi dengan kanak-kanak atau remaja
3. Apakah yang anda akan sumbangkan sekiranya terpilih... document..

thirdly, my dress, shoes

whoaa, my shoes got heels..never wear it before

Thursday, April 28, 2011

생일축하합니다 (saengil chukha hamnida)

with a simple wish
with a great pray
i want to wish you

may Allah bless you..

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

memori main rumah kotak

sedang aku duduk-duduk saja kat rumah ni tetiba je teringat zaman kanak-kanak..owh how I miss my childhood time very much..hehehe..
okey okey..let story a bit about my childhood time playing with ' RUMAH KOTAK '..

dulu waktu aku ribena (kanak-kanak) aku suka sangat main dengan rumah kotak..aku ingat lagi rupa rumah kotak aku tu..huuu, sayangnya x simpan gambar rumah kotak tu...
actually rumah kotak tu bukan lah dibeli dari kedai mahupun jatuh dari langit tetapi abah (tok wan) aku yang tolong buatkan..aku memang suka la rumah tu..tiap-tiap hari aku main dengan rumah tu..ermm, walaupun aku kecil tapi badan aku x muat la nk duduk dalam rumah tu so aku just jadikan barbie aku sebagai penghuni rumah kotak aku..
memang perfectlah rumah kotak aku..lengkap dengan pagar, almari, bilik, katil, kerusi, meja, tingkap, pintu dan boleh kata semua kelengkapan rumah dulu-dulu ada kat rumah kot
ak tu..

rumah kotak ni buat daripada apa erk? erm, dah nama pun rumah kotak..tentulah rumah kotak tu diperbuat daripada kotak..tok wan aku guna kotak televisyen untuk buat rumah kot
ak tu..abah aku memang pandai hal-hal tukangan ni..terima kasih abah sebab buat rumah kotak..

habis main ja mesti aku kemas rumah kotak tu sebab aku sayang sangat dekat rumah tu..tok aku kata dulu kalau x simpan dia nak buang dalam parit..hah, dengar ja dia cakap tu aku pun amalkan la kemas2 ni..kalu x mesti aku tinggal je bersepah sebab nanti nak main lagi..ehehe..erm, tapi sekarang ni rumah kotak tu dah x da depan mata..harap2 la nanti aku boleh main rumah kotak balik..rindu rumah kotak..

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nasi Lemak for Buka Puasa

Petang tadi aku post pasal aku teringin makan Pau watku nak buka puasa hari ini..alih-alih aku makan Nasi Lemak untuk buka pun cadangan aku juga kat mak aku sebab waktu tengah google gambar Pau aku terjumpa gambar Nasi Lemak..hhuhhu, terliur aku tengok gambar tu tadi.wu wu wu..best2 sebab dapat makan Nasi Lemak walaupun x dapat makan Pau..heheh..petang tadi aku ajak juga mak aku keluar cari Pau tapi x jumpa pun kedai yang jual Pau,huhu..x pa la nanti boleh cari lagi Pau tu..

Rasa macam letih la puasa hari ni..terketar-ketar tangan aku nak angkat cawan td.huh, teruk sungguh aku ni..kesian kat orang yang x da makan..aku ni yang baru x makan sehari pun dah buat teruk dah..apa2 pun berjaya juga aku puasa hari ini walaupun x bangun makan awal pagi..

nah aku hidangkan hampa Nasi Lemak buatan mak..(aku belajar buat taw)

p/s: orang makan nasi lemak waktu pagi..tapi aku dah lapar sangat tu yg makan juga.hehehe

I want to eat Pau

woahh, im craving of those Pau..its seem delicious and nice.what are those feeling.actually today i am fasting (i ganti puasa u) and suddenly i am craving of Pau huhuhu..before this i didnt eat pau much and i often take Pau as a must eat food but when I was sleeping just now I dream of eating that aw aw..I am so hungry right now (4 hours to go until I can eat something to break my fast)..huhuh.
Ohh God please kuatkan iman ku..luckly I didnt open my mouth while sleeping like I was eating it.huhuhu.

hope I can it that Pau after this..and my face would not be like Pau

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tok Ngah Jah visit..

Yesterday, when I reached home I was so surprised seeing Tok Ngah Jah(a relative from Thailand) were in my house.So happy receiving her visit to my house..then at night I cooked something special (for me its special) to is Fish and Chips..taraaaaa...

Tok Ngah Jah was here only for one day..huhuh, i wish she could stay here for a few days more..

owhhh, how I miss so much to be in Phuket with my relatives and family there..they treated my family and I with a high class and was so polite as well as their warm welcoming great to us..
I was very happy when memory in Phuket flash back in my mind.
I miss all the food that Tok long had cook to us, and the food that he bought which is pulut ayam, coconut jelly and others..

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kereta Berpelekat P

hello readers..hari ni aku minta kat ayah aku nak bawa kereta, and dia bagi aku bawa sebab kereta tu kereta kembara,huh kalau kereta Honda Civic(mak aku punya) atau kereta Toyota Altis (ayah punya) hurm mesti dia x bagi punya aku bawa.heheh,nasib baik tok wan aku mai hari ni sebab ada la kereta kembara tu..
mula-mula aku bawa kereta tu pi isi minyak dulu, baru la boleh pusing jauh-jauh..(padahal pi x jauh mana pun)..then sampai kat stesen minyak Shell..ayah aku kata ha pi la isi sendiri minyak tu..errkkk, mana nak taw ayah, x pernah buat..pi la buat sendiri,ni nanti nak buat mcm mana kalu sorg2.ergghhh ok aku buat sendiri.err, macam la x leh suruh abg kerja Shell buat..tehehehe..
aku pun dengan muka x reti turun kereta bagi duit kat pak cik shell tu then angkat nozel tu
huh, ingat kan nozel tu ringan, rupanya berat juga eh tapi x la berat sangat ok la sebab boleh angkat lagi, yg aku kata ringan tu sebab sebelum ni duk tengok orang buat macam senang jer..huhuhu, then siap dh isi minyak..

lepas tu aku pun terus jer pandu kereta sampai pasaraya Hafifah..ada la beli barang dan bahan mentah sebab nak masak sikit-sikit..then habis beli terus bawa kereta balik rumah..

sambil bawa kereta..(nasihat kut)
  • eh, kakak tengok tu motor tu jangan duk laju sangat.
  • ha tuh dah laju dah tu slow sikit..baru 60 km/h (maybe laju kut sebab aku masih baru)
  • break-break dh dekat dengan lampu merah tu
  • haih, kaki ayah ni macam duk tolong tekan break je..ahahah..(kaki dia bersedia duk tekan kat tempat letak kaki seat penumpang, gaya macam dia bawa kereta)hahaha
  • lain kali, kena taw dah ni nak guna jalan mana lepas ni sebab kakak yang bawa kereta bukan ayah..(kind of lupa jalan)
lepas ni kena pandu cam orang lelaki yang berhemah, x maw di comment sebab bawa lembap macam perempuan..

Sunday, April 3, 2011

3 April 19...

On this very beautiful day, a baby girl had born to this world. That girl named Mashita Saad. She had grown so much now and become a very successful woman that I had admire so much. Now, she works as a Lecturer and also a very good wife to her husband and a lovely mom to her daughters. I purposely create this post to wish A VERY GREAT HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY GORGEOUS MOM EVER..HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM..

I kindly would say sorry for the late wish. It slipped y mind this morning. anyway have a great Happy Birthday mom. May Allah bless u and give u a good health every day and more rezeki would come in..

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


for this entry I kindly thanks to Allah, mom and dad,
sister,teachers (so many to mention), friends, relatives and everybody who had done so much in helping me striving for my SPM examination..

mom and dad, sister and aunt..thank you


friends help me a lot

Thank you all
thank you you too
p/s:who are not on this entry please don't be upset because i didn't have your picture..anyway thanks to sir Lee & cikgu harun (chemistry), cikgu azu & cikgu hayati (bm), teacher saniah (bi), sir dess & teacher rohaizah (math), ustazah maimunah & ustazah noraini (agama), cikgu nazi & cikgu husni (physics), cikgu roslela (add math), cikgu rozita (sejarah), sir chew (biology) and all SMK DERMA teachers, worker, friends, senior, and junior..

thank you also to my family from father's and mother's side

Thursday, March 24, 2011


straigth to the main..after 3 months waiting for the spm result curiously so now this is the result for what i had answered in the late SPM examination on 23 November 2010 until 8 December 2010..I pray to Allah for giving me a good result..

so, I manage to get..


hee..aku nih dah nk dekat seminggu result keluar baru nk cerita..macam dah expired dh..
orang lain pakat duk upload sakan dah..heee
dasar kereta api arang batu sungguh..
anyway, this is for memorial.
bye, have a nice day even its raining from yesterday.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A night to remember

well last night is a memorable night for my friends and I.last night was SMK DERMA Batch 2010 Farewell Dinner..this dinner would not gone smoothly if Dato Ali, Yang berhormat Amir, Muaz and Sir Dess not working hard to make this dinner as A Nigth To Remember.thanks to them for working hard to make this event happend..and thank you to all friends for coming an make this dinner happening..

will continue this soon..
SPM result is coming out today..
im preparing for it..

Thursday, March 17, 2011

addicted with Korean Drama

yeah today I am really excited while watching Korean Drama..erm actually before this Korean Drama dose not excite me more until my sister who always keep talking about the drama that she had seen before.she also could sing Korean song as her handphone is fully loaded with all Korean song.since then I had fallen in love with that.oh not to deep as Korean lover..hahaha..and today, errr one whole day opps not exactly one whole day hahaha, I am sure ayah would be angry if he knew that I am not doing anything today(i did something today): cook laksa, sweap the floor, feed the fish as well as hanging clothes and iron ayah clothes..whoa.hah back to the main..the drama entitled PLAYFUL KISS..what a happening drama..I cannot stop watching..still watching it right friend do have a view on it..

I thought of living in a fantasy..really happy.things may goes smoothly as I wish..
keep dreaming..

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Firstly, I am going to tell you that I am so frustrated..hurm actually I failed the JPJ parking test..whoaaa so sad..its meant I must take another parking test to officially got P driving licence..
I am so depressed..maybe the JPJ tester is doing their job correctly..heee, but I think that time I had done that test confidently and all the four tyre a
re in the parking space..huh, never mind even I didnt pass
ed the parking test I still passed the road test..

p/s: that test was on Thursday
next test coming soon..hope I officially got P
driving licence
hah?sapa yang kahwin?aku kah?ha, taw2 la kan sekarang musim cuti sekolah banyak la org buat kenduri kahwin aku pun kalut la nk cerita pasal kahwin..eheh, ni bukan cerita kahwin aku taw..bukan aku x maw kahwin tapi x sampai masa ni aku nk cerita pasal kisah kahwin dua org sepupu aku..first, abg shafiq (12 Mac 2011) aku dia kahwin dgn kak ain..majlis dia buat kat dewan kat jitra..memang best la sebab dapat kumpul ramai2, tapi time ni x sempat nk ambil gambar ramai2 sebab kalut nk g tolong sepupu aku yang seorang lagi yang nak kahwin esk(!3 Mac 2011) satu lagi aku pakai baju yang cantik la, tu yang sangat best tu..ehem aku x taw nk cerita apa dh la..

13 Mac 2011
kak wani kahwin pulak..dia kahwin ngan org Johor..husband dia tu ala ala Afdlin Shauki tuh..
huh, tu la apa yang aku dgr depa duk cakap..tapi agak sama la juga..orgnya putih..
hah, kenduri ni buat kat rumah so kna bnyak menolong la..x seperti kenduri semalam yang buat kat dewan pakat semua duk goyang kaki, ulang ambil makanan and berposing sakan aku atas stage.heehe..hari ni pun masih ramai lagi sedara mara aku..semua pakat duk sembang..and lagi satu cha cha Madina pun ada..ha, dia ni bapa saudara aku(org India)dia Islam taw..dia mai ngan wife, son, father-in-law and another urm maybe my uncle too..cha cha tinggal kat Melaka tapi sekali-sekala he return India..actually, my grandpa(father's side) is an Muslim Indian Man..haha, so thats why we have relative there and me too got mix blood la agaknya ya..

p/s:cerita aku sgt bosan..
cepat la upload gambar kak hajar supaya guwa boleh ambil..
aku sudah bosan and kekeringan idea..
jom kembali berangan-angan
rindu sepupu aku yang x boleh balik makan kenduri

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


huhh..Finally, I had pass the Qti(a test before JPJ test)..
at first, I was very nervous to attend that test as I thought it was very difficult..
hurm not a killing test at all..just like eating the nut hahaha..amboih, dia cakap besar nampak..bukan tadi kaki duk ketar2 dh ka?..hehehe..actually, its true..I was shaking so freaking bad...hurm but not so bad la..just 1 try and I pass the naik bukit test and the parking test..huhu, I am really happy..
cannot wait for the JPJ test..
hope I pass it with flying colours and grab my P driving license..

bye..till meet again..
have a nice day
now, its March already

Monday, February 28, 2011

Pagi Tadi

hurm pagi tadi pukul 8.00 tu aku pun pi la ikmp seperti selalu..pi belajar kereta la...sampai2 ja cikgu tu kata kat aku..hah, pi bawa sorang la naik bukit hari ini..pastu aku cakap la eh, mana boleh cikgu, saya x pandai lagi..ngeee..

then cikgu tu pun naik sekali la..dan dua kali buat dia tgk ok dia pun kata, hah buat sorang lah nk tengok..elok ja dia nak turun aku pun minta la tambang..heee, buat2 aku ni macam driver teksi tu hah..hahaha..

punya la seronok aku duk buat sorang2, pastu macam terlebih confident pulak sampai langgar tiang-tiang kat tempat parking..heee, malu kutt..

erm papa pun esk cikgu dh suruh buat Qti..menatang pa la Qti tu..heee, serious aku x taw..aku tanya gak kat cikgu, hee boleh pulak dia jawab Qti tu tikus..apa la..anyway, class tadi memenag best lah..terbaik punya..aku memang pandai.hahaha
semoga esok x langgar and menceramukkan tiang lagi.

last but not least..bye bye February..
Welcome March
have a nice day

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Guna Tangan Kanan

Makan dan minum gunakan tangan kanan bukan tangan kiri. Nauzubillah himinzaliq, aku masih gagal. Bukanya susah manapun nak guna tangan kanan terutama minum dan makan tapi kerana tak ambil endah maka aku kadangkala guna juga tangan kiri. Rasulullah berpesan , barangsiapa makan dan minum dengan tangan kiri makan seperti iblis. Aku pasti ramai diantara kita masih amal , tanpa apa-apa persaan pun , itulah islam kita sangat rendah imannya.BENDA YANG KECIL NIPUN KITA MASIH GAGAL. BUKAN SUSAH PUN …..Malangnya ramai umat islam dan termasuk aku masih lakukan SETIAP HARI. Oleh itu aku ambil kesempatan ini, nak seru semua orangISLAM DAN DIRIKUyang sayangkan Islamnya sama-sama GUNA TANGAN KANAN LEPAS NI, DAN KALAU TENGOK AKU GUNA TANGAN KIRI SILA TEGUR AKU. Aku ambil kesempatan ni untuk amalkan benda kecil bagi menapung dosa-dosa kecil kita yang kita buat tanpa disedari hari demi hari. Bayangkan… anda makan Chiken chop, pisau ditangan mana? Pasti camca garfu ditangan kiri, maka apa yang berlaku.. setreusnya … anda jawab sendiri




Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mulakan Dengan Bismillah

Pengalaman aku sendiri, aku selalu terlupa untuk membaca bismillah, kecuali makan saja aku selalu membaca, lain-lain pekerjaan aku acapkali terlupa. Pembaca yang baca boleh Tanya diri, berapa kerap kita baca bsimilah sebelum buat kerja? Oleh itu hari ini aku bertekad dan seru diri aku dan pembaca semua untuk cuba mengamalkan pembacaan bismillah supaya kerja yang kita lakukan diberi pahala dan diberkati Allah S.W.T.Amat senang kita nak buat kebaikan pada diri kita. Sayangnya kita sebenarnya tak sayang pada diri kita sendiri.Nak baca bismllah(Basmallah) bukan susahpun, tapi pasal tak faham, tak ambil endah apa yang disuruh oleh allah dan rasulnya kita buat tak kisah.Tambahan pula kita islam secara lahir, kita tak dapat nilai nikmat islam sebenar,Oleh itu saya harap



Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Aku masih L lagi..

Hello Hello and Hello
Today, I thought of talking about my driving class again..why hah?is that so special?
hurm no lah..not so special, it just that I had a driving lesson those morning at 8.00 am..whooaaa so early maaa..need to wake up as earlier as before..
hurm back to the main topic..erm actually I dont know how to describe in English la..can I write in Malay?

ermmm...hari ini ada kelas memandu lagi..mcm biasa la..awal-awal pagi dah kna bangun bersiap..
dah siap semua, so pagi tadi ayah hantarkan..
sampai sana aku pun cari la ckgu tu, then pukul 8.10 pagi baru mula..
okey, hari ni cikgu cakap kita p naik bukit lagi..aku pun buat macam biasa la..betul seat, edjust mirror, start engine and terus pandu ke arah bukit..bukit tu x da la tinggi sangat.pastu aku pun buh la gear 1 then tekan minyak naik atas bukit tapi hari ni aku lupa la apa dia ajar hari tu, hari ni aku rasa naik bukit tu susah la daripada hari2 sebelumnya..erk!ke aku yang lupa apa dia ajar..hahaha..memang aku lupa pun..aku naik bukit hari ni siap melorot turun lagi, huh nasib aku la hari ini..jadi macam x pandai dah..heee,eh xx aku pandai lagi lah..banyak kali jugak la aku ulang naik bukit tu smpai boleh siap dapat pujian lagi dari cikgu...cikgu kata: ha pandai pun buat..

ish tadi memang aku x puas hati la sebab rasa susah nak naik bukit..mcm2 aku membebal, heeee nasib cikgu la dapat murid macam saya..cakap banyak nak mampus..kesian cikgu kena tadah telinga..aku siap tanya lagi awat buat test naik bukit ni?soalan jenis apakah tu?hurm then cikgu cakap mana la taw nanti kut ada traffic light kat atas bukit ha, tu kan dh kena guna cara ye tak ye juga noh cikgu..heee buat malu aih tanya..awat la aku x fikir..hish cangkat sungguh otak ni..pastu taw x..tadi aku dh freekn gear tu dh tapi kereta tu duk bergolek lagi, aku pun tanya la awat la kereta ni x berhenti padahal dh free dh..huh, cikgu kata saya x maw jawab la, awak fikir la sendiri, senang ja pun jawapan dia..heee, punya la aku fikir macam2..siap masuk topic PHYSICS lagi tu, aku punya la duk ingat pasal inertia, force semua bagai tu tgk2 jawapan dia hanya lah jalan yang tidak rata..tu pun aku perasan bila tgk kereta mana ntah..

habis belajar naik bukit aku pun move on tu tempat parking..kat parking pun sama juga..banyak sungguh benda nak hafal...hee, siap mati enjin lagi..huh, aku dah penat duk pusing stering tu..haih, x tercabut kah stering tu duk pusing2..hurm buat tergeliat and berbelit2 je tangan aku yang kering nih.hehehe

aku sampai rasa panas and berpeluh la..
then cikgu tu cakap saya x rasa panas pun..hurm maybe aku dah nervous and takut kut tu yang jadi x betul dah tu..hehehe..

normal la bila ada salah kan..tengok tajuk pun Aku masih L lagi..kalau dah pandai semua x da la L lagi boleh la aku melaram bawa kereta kan..
apa-apa pun aku still pandai lagi bawa kereta..kerana?heee aku mendapat pujian dari cikgu aku la..alang2 dia puji aku pun cakap la pandai eh saya ni noh.hehehe

anyway..cukuplah takat ni..
nanti cerita lain lagi..

bye have a nice day

Saturday, February 19, 2011


actually I dont know what to write for this entry..lack of idea I think..hurmm how to start ea??please help me, help me finding suitable words to

so...I am going to tell that I am very happy, I am very energetic, I feel like I am 10 years younger than my I am reaching 18
on 6 june..
and another words is I had play the old still okay kite t
hat my father bought when I was in standard 1(year 2000)..whoaaa....I can really imagine that the kite is still okay..
hurm that kite already slipped my mind till I found it on the top of the wardrobe so I asked my father to take me to stadium utama for flying that kite again..we cycled there..
for sure, I am really happy..

scene at the stadium..on Thursday and Friday evening
many people are playing and doing some exercise
most children are playing kite
parents watching their children playing kite
and nani was playing her kite with her father..Thursday
nani, nadia, mom and dad playing kite..

lets picture tells story

nani the giant

kite for sale..come and buy one..

its me

looking at the kite up there

see the kite..not mine

up up it go