Saturday, October 30, 2010

a card

Three days ago, i received a GOOD LUCK card from my aunt and cousin (mak wa and kak amy). Really happy upon receiving that card. Thanks mak wa and kak amy for the card. Love you both. and also thank for your thought.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

suatu petang

Once upon a time, in an evening the eye of heaven shines....still his gold complexion dimm'd...i was ready to go for a walk with my father and sister...and I was on cloud nine at that time because it was a beautiful evening indeed....

Huhu,penat sungguh menaip dalam omputih nih.x berapa terror la katakan.cik nani sambung dalam bahasa melayu sudah la.hal ini demikian kerana kita mestilah memartabatkan penggunaan bahasa Melayu...

bak lagu yang selalu dimainkan di televisyen itu...

"Gunakanlah bahasa kebangsaan kita,

marilah amalkan sama-sama"

sungguh bertenaga cik nani petang ini...

haaaaa….tadi cik nani bersama ayah dan adik pergi berjogging….kami berjogging kat pengkalan asam(denai larian) pusing satu round juga la.huh.habis semua peluh terasa sihatlah badan ini…rasa ringan ja.kenapa?sebab tadi dah jalan berjogging hampir 3 KM..waktu smpai kat pit stop tu ada la satu sign board ni tulis “tahniah, anda telah berjalan sejauh 3 KM bersamaan dengan 3600 langkah…dan telah berjaya membakar sebanyak 150 kalori”….begitulah katanya….hurm…dah habis tu cik ayah Tanya nak pergi mana pulak….cik nani dgn lajunya kata jom la kita pi Kuala Perlis…yang kat tepi lumpur pantai tu….so kami bertiga pun naik la kereta…eh, lupa pulak nk cerita, hari ini mak kita tak ikut….dia balik rumah tok tadi….berbalik kepada cerita,

hurm…dalam perjalanan tu ada juga la nampak orang duk pancing ikan…mungkin musim memancing kut…rata-rata memancing…ikan apa yang dicari entahla...mungkin keli,haruan, puyu dan sebagainya...

sampai sudah di Kuala Perlis,pada waktu itu angin bertiup sepoi-sepoi bahasa dan kekadang disapa juga yang ganas membawa segala perasaan dan fikiran berserabut yang bersarang, sungguh tenang sekali rasa hati kecil ini seperti tiada masalah berlubuk..

kembali ke alam nyata(tempat masih lagi tepi laut kuala perlis)...bermulalah adegan-adegan mengambil gambar…model tidak la secantik dan sepanas di kaca televisyen cukuplah setakat atas bawah sikit pada pelakon tanah air tu…nama tidak dapat dikenal pasti….cukup hebat sekali jurukamera ini merakam memori indah...semoga memori tersebut kekal diingatan dan membawa jauh masalah lain...

cukuplah disini...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

yes..this is's me

after sometimes i have think what to write but none of idea came out...
now, i think of telling about myself...

  • my name is nurhanani mohd sadek
  • people call me nani sometimes hanani
  • i am seven teen years young...
  • born on 6 June 1993 in alor setar
  • i love my dad, mum, and sister and my big family
  • i stayed with my lovely family
  • i love blue and purple in colour
  • spm candidates 2010
  • i study biology, physics, chemistry, add maths, math, english, bahasa malaysia, pendidikan islam, last but not least sejarah
  • study in smk derma
  • always go to library with phim and najwa
  • i have a teddy bear(hug one) so much
  • a daughter or mohd sadek and mashita
  • have a sister name nadia
  • i want to be an engineer, sometimes i think of being a doctor and pharmasist
  • if i could help people i would help them
  • i love day dream
this is....

my father...a microbiologist

my mother...a lecturer

my sister...only sister...

yeah...thats all for now...

Friday, October 15, 2010

How beautiful?


It was music that brought me to him. One's said that music is way to tell others how we feel. I would say it is true. I remembered the event like it was yesterday. I was walking late in school that day because I had extra assignment to work on. The sky was overcast and appeared like blokched patches of white and grey. Soon, the wind was blowing with greater force and trees were slamming their branches against each other. As I looked up toward the dark sky, a soft patter of raindrops fell on my skin. Before I know it was raining cats and dogs, I quickly ran to find shelter to keep it out of the rain.

" I'm going to be late at home today". I said to myself. I knew that my parent would be mad with rage if I did not come out with a good reason for my delayed. I was so deep in thought when a sound broke my trance. It was a piano. curious by it, i walked and followed the sound I heard. The sound was coming from the music room and the piece was getting clearer as i was getting close to it. I peeked through the door and what I saw left me dumfounded. There, ath the piano was a boy around my age hitting the keynote as he was a true musician. What strucked me was his expression. Never I have seen a musician so deep in his or her world.

My feet were moving on their own accorded. I had never realised that I was walking towards him until he stopped hitting the keynote on the piano. The music stopped and I was instantly brought back to reality. His brown eyes look into mine without expression on his face. Blood rushed to my face. I felt so abashed that I keep hoping that the floor would open up and swallow me. I wanted to run but, my feet were glued to the floor. Without a word, the boy ignored me and continued playing the piece. I recognised the music. It was 'the moonlight sonata' by Beethoven. Somehow, the music sounded sad bereaved. An unknown forced knocked me into tears. This boy was crying his heart out through his music.

After that incident, I constantly found myself in the same music room and at the same time as before. I would spend most my evening here listen to the boy's playing. The musi was soothing my nerve. A pleasant sound to my ears. Sometimes the boy would look towards and played a merry sound. At that moment, it was like he was saying 'be my friend, will you?' My eyes lit up at the recognisation. I have learnt many thing from him.He expressed his rage, content and anguished through his music. there is no need for words in our friendship. The music was the thread between us. It connected us through our souls.

Soon, I came to take pleasure in music. He wanted to teach me to play a song with the piano, eventhough I was not born to play a music instrument. The sun was shining brightly in a clear blue sky that particular day. I went to the music room as usual to meet him but, my heart crashed into million pieces as he was not there, I tried to calm myself but, somehow, I sensed something was not right. I felt a wave of relief when the music door was opened but instantly died at the moment when a woman with two men entered. They talked for a while and the two men were trying to take the piano away.

I screamed in terror and tried to stop them but what a girl could do against to men. It turned out that the women is the boy's mother. The truth is always hurt, isn't it? Teddy, the boy's name, had to leave the country and further his treatment on his voice box. According to Teddy's mother, Teddy had been in trauma that kept him from talking. She thanked me for Teddy finally agreed to accept the treatment in Germany after he be friend with me. And, that was the last time I saw and heard Teddy's music. Eventhough, we are at distance but, our friendship will always be there as the music keep playing in the air. Who knows, I might see him again in that music room because there is no goodbye in our meeting.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I need you know

Picture Perfect Memories Scattered All Around The floor
Reaching for The Phone Cuz I Cant fight It Anymore
And I Wonder If I Ever Cross Your Mind?
for Me It Happens All The Time
Its A Quarter After One
Im All Alone And I Need You Now
Said I Wouldnt Call But I Lost All Control And I Need You Now
And I Dont Know How I Can Do Without
I Just Need You Now

Another Shot Of Whiskey
Cant Stopping Looking At The Door
Wishing Youd Come Sweeping In The Way You Did Before
And I Wonder If I Ever Cross Your Mind?
for Me It Happens All The Time
Its A Quarter After One
Im A Little Drunk And I Need You Now
Said I Wouldnt Call But I Lost All Control And I Need You Now
And I Dont Know How I Can Do Without
I Just Need You Now

Oh Whoa
Yes Id Rather Hurt Than feel Nothing At All
Its A Quarter After One
Im All Alone And I Need You Now
And I Said I Wouldnt Call But Im A Little Drunk
And I Need You Now
Well I Dont Know How I Can Do Without
I Just Need You Now
I Just Need You Now
Oh Baby I Need You Now

Sunday, October 3, 2010

i am not feeling well

Today, i feel very tired, lazy and less energy
sore throat attacked me since last night...
i cannot bear it anymore....dear Allah please help me with those 'ujian'

i feel like going to sleep hugging my teddy...
very comfort....cosy...huh...pretty much...i like it...
but its no good to me...maybe i need some exercise now...i think im going for skipping...

teddy wait for me tonight...i want to hug you till morning...miss u so much...
teddy (i know who)....and teddy (you know who)

  • please help me with those buorden...
  • pray for my success in SPM..may i get 9A+

Friday, October 1, 2010

today following:

life is so boring it true...i don't know...
what made me happy?
i also don't know...
just do this today...

6.00 am : wake up in the morning..wash my face,brush my teeth and read physics
6.30 am : take a bath...make up(i meant dress to school, have breakfast)
7.10 am : talk to my teddy...bye2...i'm going to school now..
7.20 am : reach school...say hye to nobody just bye to my youngest sister
7.30 am : conversation with najwa, phim and zarrin
7.40 am : physics class
9.40 am : recess time....just accompany najwa n phim eat at the school canteen
10.10 am : bahasa melayu class...finish spm trial kelantan
11.30 am : time for calculation..(mathematics class)...some jokes there
12.00 noon : waiting for ayah to fetch
12.30 pm : buy food, eat
1.00 pm : have siesta...
2.00 pm : take a bath....ready to school n library
3.30 pm : women police cadet party
4.15 pm : off to library...
5.30 pm : back home
6.00 pm : out for dinner at pizza

  • nothing to do at biology...
  • may Allah help me in all my things to do
  • bless me