Thursday, March 17, 2011

addicted with Korean Drama

yeah today I am really excited while watching Korean Drama..erm actually before this Korean Drama dose not excite me more until my sister who always keep talking about the drama that she had seen before.she also could sing Korean song as her handphone is fully loaded with all Korean song.since then I had fallen in love with that.oh not to deep as Korean lover..hahaha..and today, errr one whole day opps not exactly one whole day hahaha, I am sure ayah would be angry if he knew that I am not doing anything today(i did something today): cook laksa, sweap the floor, feed the fish as well as hanging clothes and iron ayah clothes..whoa.hah back to the main..the drama entitled PLAYFUL KISS..what a happening drama..I cannot stop watching..still watching it right friend do have a view on it..

I thought of living in a fantasy..really happy.things may goes smoothly as I wish..
keep dreaming..

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