Saturday, July 9, 2011

Life Here in Puncak Alam

here in Puncak Alam
R5402 A1
on bed
3:21 pm

kinda doing nothing..and i remembered of updating my blog and now at this moment I manage to update big hand for me since I had left this blog for about 1 and half month..

the story begin...

23 May 2011
registered as Puncak Alam student
been in Minggu Destini Siswa for about a week..
MDS not that bad but tiredness make me feel euwwww..

25 May 2011
mom and dad went back home..and i miss them so much..
tears went out and i could say nothing to stop it..

30 May 2011
lecture start..i start being busy but still i miss my mom and dad, home,teddy,barbie,adik

4 Jun 2011
mom, dad, adik, abah, tok came and visit me here...and i was very happy being around with my family..

6 Jun 2011
its MY BIRTHDAY...thank you for those who had wish it..and one more thing I got a birthday mate in my class..

13 Jun 2011
week quiz for mathematics, biology, physics
, chemistry..
marks for the quiz..
mathematics 7/10
biology 7/10

20 Jun 2011
week 4..still got quiz for biology and my marks is 10/10..what a wonderful biology..

25 Jun 2011..
it almost a month and i never went out of this UiTM Puncak Alam
so at 8.00 am i took a bus (U90) heading to Section 2 Shah Alam as my cousin house at section 7..i never used bus before so i didnt know were to st
op and a brilliant idea came i asked the driver bus to talk with KakWa were am i now and were must i stop at..
i felt like 'baru keluar dari kandang' after a month my stayed in Puncak Alam..
at Kakwa house acu is there..
that morning acu brought me and his family to i-city..acu treat me for a snow walk..really enjoy it much..
stay for a night at kakwa house..
kakwa gave me a bag..and i also received a wrist watc
h Miss Sixty from kak ya, a nike shoe..

3 July 2011
7.30 am..out for jogging with my housemate and aimi(classmate)
had our breakfast in McD..
9 July 2011
today i got a test..biology and physics..
i dont know what to comment about the quiz.hurmmm

wait for tomorrow..
this entry quite boring..
i still miss them..
cant wait for mid term break..

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