Thursday, November 24, 2011

i didnt end up boring.. i told before I was so boring and it does not make my day good as I wish..
and yeahhh it had end up when my friend called me asking for a bicycle riding around the campus and I quickly say yes...

unfortunately there still no notice of allowing us to borrow the bicycle..lastly we decided to go for a walk, brisk walk perhaps since the gym is quite full..and we had a great time walking to the lake..we listen to the music while walking and take some photo..=( photo cannot be uploaded..
we spend almost an hour walking and back to the college before dusk..

hope tomorrow is better than today..
I am ready for Physics, Chemistry and Biology Lecture tomorrow..
bye bye..

I have nothing to write

but...I feel like to write something on my blog..urgghh..I'm so boring..there nothing to do since I got no classes today as the class had been called off...

everyone is heading to class but me, I just laying on my bed thinking of what to do today..
then I have my bath and some breakfast and and there is nothing I could do to spend my boring time so i decided to do some chemistry tutorial and listen to the music to cheer my just for a moment..and i still end up boring..

without wasting no time, I dress simply and heading to the college office to registered..
later, I buy my lunch then back to my room..on the way back I met mimi(my classmate)..she told me that she's going to sunway..ohh how lovely I guest to go out from this jungle hurmm..but there is no want to accompanied me to go out for a window shopping..huh, actually me who didnt want, aimi had asked me whether I want to go or not..huh poor me...

after that I decided to call my mom, maybe talking to her would make my day and it really was at that time..

and now I end up reading my friends blog and writing on my blog and facebooking..

urghhh, maybe boring will hit me until night..
hope tomorrow is better than today..
I can't wait to finish my sem2..its better for me to study to fix my last semester pointer..
till now..bye bye

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New life for sem 2

Salam and Hello..

Just a quick chat as I suddenly feel like it...

So hows my life would be in sem 2?I think of this question when safely arrived in puncak alam last Sunday...Ohh i still in the homesick mood when I am alone, but I still can coop with a few of lectures that had started..but still i am not very happy with my new timetable..for some reasons i guest..

I hope this semester would be as good as before and even more good as before..
ready for getting 4 flat for this semester..FYI, my pointer last sem was i felt so jealous upon hearing my friends getting 4 flat and nearly to 4 flat..but still I thank Allah for giving me a good result and I hope those jealousy would guide me to work harder but smart in order to achieve 4 flat and fulfill my ambition of being a dentist..
is there still any opportunity for me of being a dentist?..hurm just work for it and pray to ALLAH...amin..may my dream come true..

thats all for now..byebye..
miss my family much..

Monday, November 14, 2011

good luck adik..

this entry is specially dedicated to my sister Nurnadia binti Mohd Sadek who is struggling for her SPM examinations..may you get 9 A+..
may Allah bless you


Thursday, November 10, 2011

update raya haji

paknjang aku.(abg ayah)

hai hai kepada my blog....sudah lama aku x pun xda apa nk cerita..cuma nk letak gambar kenangan raya haji aku yang ke 18...tahun ni aku raya haji kat rumah tok gayah..ada paknjang & maknjang..ateh & keluarga..makuda sekeluarga..mak ndak & pakndak..keluarga aku dan tok gayah la(tok aku)..raya kali ni x ramai yang balik..sekarang dah banyak sepupu-sepupu aku yang dah berkahwin so ada la yang balik ke keluarga yang sebelah lagi..semuakan dah besar,mesti la sibuk kat uni and tempat kerja so x ramai la yang x dapat balik beraya..kalau x, waktu aku kecil2 dulu rumah tok x cukup tempat nak tidur, sampai ada yang kena tidur di dapur (sepupu lelaki la selalunya) heee...walaupun x ramai tapi masih meriah lagi..best2...

  • pagi2 raya tu kami semua pergi sembahyang raya dekat masjid berhampiran dengan rumah tok..
  • balik sembahyang, pergi beraya ke rumah tok wa..makan laksa
  • balik rumah, tolong tengok2 ateh masak..

  • petang siap balik rumah abah (tok sebelah mak)
  • pagi raya kedua tengok orang korbankan lembu

  • periksa so x boleh la beraya lama2..
  • pagi raya ketiga sudah balik rumah..maklum la adik nk periksa SPM

Friday, October 14, 2011

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

im home..

hello hello hello..
finally im back...
x da la cuti seminggu ja macam semester break alomost 2 month ohhh..
eehh, sem break?ye la sem break la..dah habis dh pun part 1..sory la x cerita banyak pun kat cik blog..malas nk online lama2 kat sana..baik study hee..

hee..tu jelah..sekarang xda idea la..
baik main game zombie...