Tuesday, March 1, 2011


huhh..Finally, I had pass the Qti(a test before JPJ test)..
at first, I was very nervous to attend that test as I thought it was very difficult..
hurm not a killing test at all..just like eating the nut hahaha..amboih, dia cakap besar nampak..bukan tadi kaki duk ketar2 dh ka?..hehehe..actually, its true..I was shaking so freaking bad...hurm but not so bad la..just 1 try and I pass the naik bukit test and the parking test..huhu, I am really happy..
cannot wait for the JPJ test..
hope I pass it with flying colours and grab my P driving license..

bye..till meet again..
have a nice day
now, its March already

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  1. yeye...
    someone need to treat me for meal..