Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New life for sem 2

Salam and Hello..

Just a quick chat as I suddenly feel like it...

So hows my life would be in sem 2?I think of this question when safely arrived in puncak alam last Sunday...Ohh i still in the homesick mood when I am alone, but I still can coop with a few of lectures that had started..but still i am not very happy with my new timetable..for some reasons i guest..

I hope this semester would be as good as before and even more good as before..
ready for getting 4 flat for this semester..FYI, my pointer last sem was i felt so jealous upon hearing my friends getting 4 flat and nearly to 4 flat..but still I thank Allah for giving me a good result and I hope those jealousy would guide me to work harder but smart in order to achieve 4 flat and fulfill my ambition of being a dentist..
is there still any opportunity for me of being a dentist?..hurm just work for it and pray to ALLAH...amin..may my dream come true..

thats all for now..byebye..
miss my family much..

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