Tuesday, March 29, 2011


for this entry I kindly thanks to Allah, mom and dad,
sister,teachers (so many to mention), friends, relatives and everybody who had done so much in helping me striving for my SPM examination..

mom and dad, sister and aunt..thank you


friends help me a lot

Thank You..love you all
thank you teddy..love you too
p/s:who are not on this entry please don't be upset because i didn't have your picture..anyway thanks to sir Lee & cikgu harun (chemistry), cikgu azu & cikgu hayati (bm), teacher saniah (bi), sir dess & teacher rohaizah (math), ustazah maimunah & ustazah noraini (agama), cikgu nazi & cikgu husni (physics), cikgu roslela (add math), cikgu rozita (sejarah), sir chew (biology) and all SMK DERMA teachers, worker, friends, senior, and junior..

thank you also to my family from father's and mother's side

Thursday, March 24, 2011


straigth to the main..after 3 months waiting for the spm result curiously so now this is the result for what i had answered in the late SPM examination on 23 November 2010 until 8 December 2010..I pray to Allah for giving me a good result..

so, I manage to get..


hee..aku nih dah nk dekat seminggu result keluar baru nk cerita..macam dah expired dh..
orang lain pakat duk upload sakan dah..heee
dasar kereta api arang batu sungguh..
anyway, this is for memorial.
bye, have a nice day even its raining from yesterday.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A night to remember

well last night is a memorable night for my friends and I.last night was SMK DERMA Batch 2010 Farewell Dinner..this dinner would not gone smoothly if Dato Ali, Yang berhormat Amir, Muaz and Sir Dess not working hard to make this dinner as A Nigth To Remember.thanks to them for working hard to make this event happend..and thank you to all friends for coming an make this dinner happening..

will continue this soon..
SPM result is coming out today..
im preparing for it..

Thursday, March 17, 2011

addicted with Korean Drama

yeah today I am really excited while watching Korean Drama..erm actually before this Korean Drama dose not excite me more until my sister who always keep talking about the drama that she had seen before.she also could sing Korean song as her handphone is fully loaded with all Korean song.since then I had fallen in love with that.oh not to deep as Korean lover..hahaha..and today, errr one whole day opps not exactly one whole day hahaha, I am sure ayah would be angry if he knew that I am not doing anything today(i did something today): cook laksa, sweap the floor, feed the fish as well as hanging clothes and iron ayah clothes..whoa.hah back to the main..the drama entitled PLAYFUL KISS..what a happening drama..I cannot stop watching..still watching it right now.so friend do have a view on it..

I thought of living in a fantasy..really happy.things may goes smoothly as I wish..
keep dreaming..

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Firstly, I am going to tell you that I am so frustrated..hurm actually I failed the JPJ parking test..whoaaa so sad..its meant I must take another parking test to officially got P driving licence..
I am so depressed..maybe the JPJ tester is doing their job correctly..heee, but I think that time I had done that test confidently and all the four tyre a
re in the parking space..huh, never mind even I didnt pass
ed the parking test I still passed the road test..

p/s: that test was on Thursday
next test coming soon..hope I officially got P
driving licence
hah?sapa yang kahwin?aku kah?ha, taw2 la kan sekarang musim cuti sekolah banyak la org buat kenduri kahwin aku pun kalut la nk cerita pasal kahwin..eheh, ni bukan cerita kahwin aku taw..bukan aku x maw kahwin tapi x sampai masa lagi..la ni aku nk cerita pasal kisah kahwin dua org sepupu aku..first, abg shafiq (12 Mac 2011) aku dia kahwin dgn kak ain..majlis dia buat kat dewan kat jitra..memang best la sebab dapat kumpul ramai2, tapi time ni x sempat nk ambil gambar ramai2 sebab kalut nk g tolong sepupu aku yang seorang lagi yang nak kahwin esk(!3 Mac 2011)..eh satu lagi aku pakai baju yang cantik la, tu yang sangat best tu..ehem aku x taw nk cerita apa dh la..

13 Mac 2011
kak wani kahwin pulak..dia kahwin ngan org Johor..husband dia tu ala ala Afdlin Shauki tuh..
huh, tu la apa yang aku dgr depa duk cakap..tapi agak sama la juga..orgnya putih..
hah, kenduri ni buat kat rumah so kna bnyak menolong la..x seperti kenduri semalam yang buat kat dewan pakat semua duk goyang kaki, ulang ambil makanan and berposing sakan aku atas stage.heehe..hari ni pun masih ramai lagi sedara mara aku..semua pakat duk sembang..and lagi satu cha cha Madina pun ada..ha, dia ni bapa saudara aku(org India)dia Islam taw..dia mai ngan wife, son, father-in-law and another urm maybe my uncle too..cha cha tinggal kat Melaka tapi sekali-sekala he return India..actually, my grandpa(father's side) is an Muslim Indian Man..haha, so thats why we have relative there and me too got mix blood la agaknya ya..

p/s:cerita aku sgt bosan..
cepat la upload gambar kak hajar supaya guwa boleh ambil..
aku sudah bosan and kekeringan idea..
jom kembali berangan-angan
rindu sepupu aku yang x boleh balik makan kenduri

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


huhh..Finally, I had pass the Qti(a test before JPJ test)..
at first, I was very nervous to attend that test as I thought it was very difficult..
hurm not a killing test at all..just like eating the nut hahaha..amboih, dia cakap besar nampak..bukan tadi kaki duk ketar2 dh ka?..hehehe..actually, its true..I was shaking so freaking bad...hurm but not so bad la..just 1 try and I pass the naik bukit test and the parking test..huhu, I am really happy..
cannot wait for the JPJ test..
hope I pass it with flying colours and grab my P driving license..

bye..till meet again..
have a nice day
now, its March already