Tuesday, March 29, 2011


for this entry I kindly thanks to Allah, mom and dad,
sister,teachers (so many to mention), friends, relatives and everybody who had done so much in helping me striving for my SPM examination..

mom and dad, sister and aunt..thank you


friends help me a lot

Thank You..love you all
thank you teddy..love you too
p/s:who are not on this entry please don't be upset because i didn't have your picture..anyway thanks to sir Lee & cikgu harun (chemistry), cikgu azu & cikgu hayati (bm), teacher saniah (bi), sir dess & teacher rohaizah (math), ustazah maimunah & ustazah noraini (agama), cikgu nazi & cikgu husni (physics), cikgu roslela (add math), cikgu rozita (sejarah), sir chew (biology) and all SMK DERMA teachers, worker, friends, senior, and junior..

thank you also to my family from father's and mother's side

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