Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tok Ngah Jah visit..

Yesterday, when I reached home I was so surprised seeing Tok Ngah Jah(a relative from Thailand) were in my house.So happy receiving her visit to my house..then at night I cooked something special (for me its special) to is Fish and Chips..taraaaaa...

Tok Ngah Jah was here only for one day..huhuh, i wish she could stay here for a few days more..

owhhh, how I miss so much to be in Phuket with my relatives and family there..they treated my family and I with a high class and was so polite as well as their warm welcoming great to us..
I was very happy when memory in Phuket flash back in my mind.
I miss all the food that Tok long had cook to us, and the food that he bought which is pulut ayam, coconut jelly and others..

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