Saturday, February 19, 2011


actually I dont know what to write for this entry..lack of idea I think..hurmm how to start ea??please help me, help me finding suitable words to

so...I am going to tell that I am very happy, I am very energetic, I feel like I am 10 years younger than my I am reaching 18
on 6 june..
and another words is I had play the old still okay kite t
hat my father bought when I was in standard 1(year 2000)..whoaaa....I can really imagine that the kite is still okay..
hurm that kite already slipped my mind till I found it on the top of the wardrobe so I asked my father to take me to stadium utama for flying that kite again..we cycled there..
for sure, I am really happy..

scene at the stadium..on Thursday and Friday evening
many people are playing and doing some exercise
most children are playing kite
parents watching their children playing kite
and nani was playing her kite with her father..Thursday
nani, nadia, mom and dad playing kite..

lets picture tells story

nani the giant

kite for sale..come and buy one..

its me

looking at the kite up there

see the kite..not mine

up up it go


  1. bestnya...
    i really want to join you my dear...

  2. now you can speaking london..hohohoh
    come and join me in the evening
    lets have fun