Saturday, January 29, 2011

jom main masak-masak

haih, baru sebulan aku duk rumah tapi dah cukup bosan dah ni..tiap-tiap hari tinggal aku je..aku dah tak taw nak buat apa-apa dah.macam-macam dah aku ke?apa yang hang buat?
aku buat kerja rumah la: sapu sampah, mop lantai, cuci tandas, jemur baju, lipat baju, gosok baju ntah macam-macam la, cop cop?hang masak x?masak?hah..aku masak la..tapi x la sedap sangat..baru dua kali aku cuba masak..aku masak, ikan masak asam..duh masam sangat..ada oh yang aku masak sedap like nasi goreng, spagetti hah yang tu semua aku pandai la, sudah banyak lari dari tajuk..

actually, entry ni aku nak gtaw yang aku teringin nak masak.aku nak masak sedap-sedap nanti boleh la isi masa and x payah la aku duk berlapar kat rumah..

hhha, kat mana eh nak belajar?ke aku main try-try ja masak tu macam campak-campak je bahan dalam kuali or periuk..aku fikir macam tu pun boleh kut nak belajar masak..then practice la because practice make perfect huhuh..

aku teringat lagi dulu aku ada set masak-masak...banyak ohh..penuh satu kotak, tapi awat la dah x p main masak-masak yang betul..
hurm, lepas ni ingat nak suruh ayah beli bahan mentah la..boleh la aku main masak-masak then guna adik aku sebagai pengkritik masakan aku..hahah...nasib hang la adik kalu x sedap..ada sekali tu aku masak sayur khailan,eh bukan sekali dua kali kut...heee, adik aku kata x sedap, x payah masak sayur ni dah aku x maw makan...hahah...dia dah x suka makan sayur khailan tu sekarang kalu aku masak tapi sayur lain dia kata aku pandai buat.heheh..

ha lepas ni nk belajar masak help and support me please..

i'm so bored

I don't know what to day to fill every minute that passed easily..Know, I just like a housewife but not a housewife yet..kinda like a house keeper..I have done many house chore during my stay at home..

those are my everyday time table

6.30 : perform subuh (down) pray and continue my sleep
8.00 : wake morning right and jemur baju(i dont know in english)
8.30 : sweep the floor,fold clothes
9.30 : ready for spoken english class (monday,tuesday,wednesday)

sometimes I cook cooking is quite good i think and it taste very delicious

hahhh..I dont know what to write..

just for now..till meet again

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Birthday Wish

This birthday wishes I fly to Shahida Najla...She turn 18 today..May Allah bless you Dida..

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fish move house..

Just now(in the evening) I discover all part in my house to find a suitable home for my fish. I found a vase, a white big vase but it dosen't seem suitable for my small red-blue fish..Then, I seek for another and I found one which is very clear tall transparent glass(actually this is a glass biscuit container)..Here it is.. My fish new home..

Ayah said: after this, I will buy another fish for you..

A ghost story

It was nearly dark in Cameron Highland although it just 4.00 o'clock in the evening. I was driving down to drove to Kuala Lumpur. Then, I saw a girl waving her hand so, I stop the car at the shoulder of the road near the little girl. I asked her, do you need a help..then she replyed: I am going down, my house is down there, can you give me a ride..i answer sure you can..she get in the car and I continue driving. She talked why don't you turn on the, i turn on the radio and soon the girl whose name is Gita keep talking about a DJ, and old already passed away that time I keep thinking how a little girl like her now about the DJ but I just ignore it. then, we had reached her house then I drop her down and wait until she disappear from my sight..I continue driving to Kl..

After two days, I cannot forget about that girl and I return Cameron Higlands. I went to her village.
When I saw a men there I ask him where is Gita house? the men said in a shock ....aaaaa, there.(he showed to one of the house). I walk carefully to that house.When I reach there, I saw an old man in that house..I asked him is this Gita house? Yes he said..
Then, where is Gita? the old man(Gita's grandfather) said I turn my head to look at the way he had pointed.As I saw, I was very shock when I look Gita's gallaned..hahhh!!! I dont belive it..according to Gita's grandpa,she had passed away 10 years ago..

Its that mean I was giving a ride to a ghost..I was terribly scared and I quickly walked to my car..While walking, I feel like somebody running behind me and i turn back to look but there was nobody..then when I reach car I rushed quickly back to Kl..
I could never forget about it..

thats all for today english class..
this story was told by my teacher..and it really happened in his life..

Got it

I already got a fish. A fish that will be my pet. My father bought it for me when he coincidently view my entry about A long long holiday that I mention in it of getting a fish as my pet...
Heee, I am really happy because I got one..

I placed that fish in my room. I didn't give him a name yet. Its a male fish. It kinda an "ikan laga".
It very beautiful when its tail 'kembang' me, its very happy looking at that fish.
i didn't get him a beautiful and cosy home yet but for now i just keep it in a nescafe tall bottle which i found at the backside of my grandma house..I really hope that i could get one for it..

Hello fish..hope you would be happy become my pet...
Dad, I promise I will take good care of my fish.
Mum, please don't be, bought it..

Sunday, January 16, 2011

spoken english class week 2

Class went smoothly..
i heard a story about a crocodile and a monkey..

There was a monkey that live all alone on an island on a rambutan tree. There is also a crocodile who stayed there also..
One day, while the monkey was eating the rambutan fruit he accidently drop the rambutan fruit and the rambutan fruit fell in the crocodile mouth..the crocodile mouth taste the rambutan and he love the rambutan very much..So, he thought of eating the monkey heart as the monkey always ate the fruit all day long and it should be nice he think.
Then, the crocodile think of an idea how to get the monkey down..
One day, crocodile called the monkey. He said...Hey monkey..Are you happy there?You know what..there are many female monkey at the other side(river bank)..monkey must be happy if i could get there but how would i reach there?i can't swim..
then, the crocodile said..i can swim you there..
wow..thats great,the monkey said...
Later, crocodile give the monkey a ride to the river bank.
when they were in the water, crocodile lower down his body..why you so easily be cheated..I just want to eat your heart..
Ohh..poor you the monkey said.. I have left my heart on the tree,why don't you said it earlier..
so, the croc take a u-turn..when they reach the island, the monkey quickly climbed up the tree and never get down..
the two animals didn't be friend anymore...

moral of the story:
don't trust people easily....

till catch up soon

A very long holiday

before when it was a school time i always waiting for a holiday.but now, when i had finished my SPM examination holiday does not excited me anymore..why?huh..because it a very long long holiday..i doing nothing right now..what i must do to fulfil my leisure time..for now, i just attend spoken english class twice or three days a week.

huh..i have thinking for so many thing to do but i cannot make it..
once i said to mum..
"mum can i have a fish as my pet.."
"sorry no pet in the house, just grow your fish in the game...
she added: kakak just hangat-hangat tahi ayam (not very serious,just for moment) just nice if i could 'bela ikan' as it is very beautiful..

i just look at my grandma tiny beautiful pond...and i start admire of having a fish as my pet..
ohh mum please give me permission...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ohhh...My first CUP CAKE

yeahh...this the moment I have waited for since i finished SPM examination...what moment?of course baking a CUP CAKE..hahaha..i got the opportunity today when Aunty OGee(my neighbour) called my mum said that she will bake the cup cake this evening...hearing that, i was so, very excited..can't wait the moment so much..heheh..actually i am over about decorating the cup cake because it is very beautiful.

so, at 5 o'clock i went straight to Aunty ogee house..

now, lets start baking..
those are the ingredients

1. weight 113 gram of butter
2. 115 gram of sugar
3. 195 gram of flour
4. 3 large egg
5. 1 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
6. vanilla acent

then, mix all the ingredients in a bowl using a mixture..
while waiting for the ingredients to mix, heat the oven

then, put the mixture in a small cup then place it in the oven for about 18 minutes..

secondly, make the ising..
pour all the ising sugar in a bowl..
add two large white egg..
mix the ingredients all together in the mixture and then add some lemon juice
mix until the mixture turn white...

after all the cup cake is ready, colour the ising

then, is time to decorate the cup cake...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

spoken english class

i have registered myself in a spoken english quite fun being in the class with all my friends and Mr Chandran(i think) is our teacher for the three months time..
during the class we were asked to talk anything especially in english. if someone had been caught speaking malay he 0r she must wait 30 minutes moer after the class..

my first day there..
teacher asked us to read the passage that he give..
then we were asked to asked him any i was the first to ask..
actually i didn't know what to ask and i simply ask his name, what's your name sir?
after that class i waited for my father to come and fetch me at 1 o'clock..(it was 11 o'clock at that time)huaaa, so the morning of course..

second day..
we were told a story about an abandon castle which were said to be a haunted castle by the villagers..
then, there was a small boy who were very brave to go and check for the ghost in the castle because from the villagers story it is said that there is loud sound of bell ringing from the castle at night..
actually, it was just a monkey playing with the bell..

my english word from that story is drizzling

third day..
a sentences..

i have a peacock lay eggs at your house. so, the peacock's egg are mine or yours said the teacher..
everybody respond to him..
i said, the egg belong to you but i will wait until the egg to hetch fisrt..
then we learn many new english word from what the student respond..
incubate: to keep the egg at certain temperature to hetch
absurd, ridiculous
resemble, replica

it just for now
have a nice day..
very in a good mood..

Sunday, January 2, 2011