Thursday, November 24, 2011

I have nothing to write

but...I feel like to write something on my blog..urgghh..I'm so boring..there nothing to do since I got no classes today as the class had been called off...

everyone is heading to class but me, I just laying on my bed thinking of what to do today..
then I have my bath and some breakfast and and there is nothing I could do to spend my boring time so i decided to do some chemistry tutorial and listen to the music to cheer my just for a moment..and i still end up boring..

without wasting no time, I dress simply and heading to the college office to registered..
later, I buy my lunch then back to my room..on the way back I met mimi(my classmate)..she told me that she's going to sunway..ohh how lovely I guest to go out from this jungle hurmm..but there is no want to accompanied me to go out for a window shopping..huh, actually me who didnt want, aimi had asked me whether I want to go or not..huh poor me...

after that I decided to call my mom, maybe talking to her would make my day and it really was at that time..

and now I end up reading my friends blog and writing on my blog and facebooking..

urghhh, maybe boring will hit me until night..
hope tomorrow is better than today..
I can't wait to finish my sem2..its better for me to study to fix my last semester pointer..
till now..bye bye

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