Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First in February

We are moving to February..say Good bye to January and hello to February..hope to have a very gorgeous days in this month..and today is my first experience driving a Kancil car at the ikmp..I had been given a teacher whos name is Cikgu Rahimi..his kinda a good person i think(my first impression when looking at him)..well, this is our first met..and after this he will be my teacher for driving a car lesson..
I am so happy today because I do great..
Now I can control the stereng(how to spell)
Move the car forward by pressing the petrol pedal, releasing the clutch slowly
and so many other..

Thank You teacher..
Till we meet again on Monday...can not wait to do the next lesson..

1 comment:

  1. bagus2...
    nnti boleh bwk aku jalan2 ye nani..
    (x pndi nak speaking london kat sini..hehehehe)