Sunday, January 16, 2011

A very long holiday

before when it was a school time i always waiting for a holiday.but now, when i had finished my SPM examination holiday does not excited me anymore..why?huh..because it a very long long holiday..i doing nothing right now..what i must do to fulfil my leisure time..for now, i just attend spoken english class twice or three days a week.

huh..i have thinking for so many thing to do but i cannot make it..
once i said to mum..
"mum can i have a fish as my pet.."
"sorry no pet in the house, just grow your fish in the game...
she added: kakak just hangat-hangat tahi ayam (not very serious,just for moment) just nice if i could 'bela ikan' as it is very beautiful..

i just look at my grandma tiny beautiful pond...and i start admire of having a fish as my pet..
ohh mum please give me permission...

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