Thursday, January 6, 2011

spoken english class

i have registered myself in a spoken english quite fun being in the class with all my friends and Mr Chandran(i think) is our teacher for the three months time..
during the class we were asked to talk anything especially in english. if someone had been caught speaking malay he 0r she must wait 30 minutes moer after the class..

my first day there..
teacher asked us to read the passage that he give..
then we were asked to asked him any i was the first to ask..
actually i didn't know what to ask and i simply ask his name, what's your name sir?
after that class i waited for my father to come and fetch me at 1 o'clock..(it was 11 o'clock at that time)huaaa, so the morning of course..

second day..
we were told a story about an abandon castle which were said to be a haunted castle by the villagers..
then, there was a small boy who were very brave to go and check for the ghost in the castle because from the villagers story it is said that there is loud sound of bell ringing from the castle at night..
actually, it was just a monkey playing with the bell..

my english word from that story is drizzling

third day..
a sentences..

i have a peacock lay eggs at your house. so, the peacock's egg are mine or yours said the teacher..
everybody respond to him..
i said, the egg belong to you but i will wait until the egg to hetch fisrt..
then we learn many new english word from what the student respond..
incubate: to keep the egg at certain temperature to hetch
absurd, ridiculous
resemble, replica

it just for now
have a nice day..
very in a good mood..

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