Monday, January 17, 2011

A ghost story

It was nearly dark in Cameron Highland although it just 4.00 o'clock in the evening. I was driving down to drove to Kuala Lumpur. Then, I saw a girl waving her hand so, I stop the car at the shoulder of the road near the little girl. I asked her, do you need a help..then she replyed: I am going down, my house is down there, can you give me a ride..i answer sure you can..she get in the car and I continue driving. She talked why don't you turn on the, i turn on the radio and soon the girl whose name is Gita keep talking about a DJ, and old already passed away that time I keep thinking how a little girl like her now about the DJ but I just ignore it. then, we had reached her house then I drop her down and wait until she disappear from my sight..I continue driving to Kl..

After two days, I cannot forget about that girl and I return Cameron Higlands. I went to her village.
When I saw a men there I ask him where is Gita house? the men said in a shock ....aaaaa, there.(he showed to one of the house). I walk carefully to that house.When I reach there, I saw an old man in that house..I asked him is this Gita house? Yes he said..
Then, where is Gita? the old man(Gita's grandfather) said I turn my head to look at the way he had pointed.As I saw, I was very shock when I look Gita's gallaned..hahhh!!! I dont belive it..according to Gita's grandpa,she had passed away 10 years ago..

Its that mean I was giving a ride to a ghost..I was terribly scared and I quickly walked to my car..While walking, I feel like somebody running behind me and i turn back to look but there was nobody..then when I reach car I rushed quickly back to Kl..
I could never forget about it..

thats all for today english class..
this story was told by my teacher..and it really happened in his life..

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