Monday, January 17, 2011

Got it

I already got a fish. A fish that will be my pet. My father bought it for me when he coincidently view my entry about A long long holiday that I mention in it of getting a fish as my pet...
Heee, I am really happy because I got one..

I placed that fish in my room. I didn't give him a name yet. Its a male fish. It kinda an "ikan laga".
It very beautiful when its tail 'kembang' me, its very happy looking at that fish.
i didn't get him a beautiful and cosy home yet but for now i just keep it in a nescafe tall bottle which i found at the backside of my grandma house..I really hope that i could get one for it..

Hello fish..hope you would be happy become my pet...
Dad, I promise I will take good care of my fish.
Mum, please don't be, bought it..

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