Sunday, December 12, 2010

where am I?

here...i am here right know...i am not in perlis...
so?where am i..
hahah...i am in shah alam..
for what?
attending a wedding ceremony..(anak tok cu kahwim, siapa?pak ngah saya la)
next, i am going to Bangi.
then, where to?
to Johor and after that my family and i are heading to Singapore Universal Studio.
i will be back in Perlis on 27 Disember 2010 right after staying with grandma for about a week start from 20 Disember 2010..

i will be missing my room, my teddy...hah...i love you...your smell so wangi, and i can still smell the smell of you...

i will be back soon..

later i will post some picture..

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